Years and Years of life happens

So many things have happened in the last 3 years.
Friends lost through a nasty divorce and the choices made during (so the huge Hand sewing project is scrapped for the moment), a CDL training School, 8 months of truck driving and a 40 lb weight gain, coming home and finding another new job, driving school bus, that I love because kids are entertaining.

Big learning happened – I’ve FINALLY (after 20+ years) learned how to knit and am liking it much more than crochet, so lots of projects there. I’ve learned more about me so I’m having lots of fun with that.

Things have settled and I’ve remembered that I like blogging, so I’m hoping to continue now and maybe not forget and get too busy for another 2 years.

Next project: Making Garb that actually fits and will fit through the weight loss I’m slowly experiencing.

Loooong Hiatus

Not sure if anyone reads my blog, but it’s been a looong time since I’ve posted or done anything, and I’m working on organizing my whole life, and this is added to the list. 🙂 It may take a while, but I have things figured out a bit so maybe I can start to post more regularly.


My Project Journal Organizer!

So, I played with publisher, and totally made my own crafty project journal with weekly calendar and blog planner pages… 🙂
It’s fun – have it printed out double sided somewhere, then have it cut in half so you have 8×5 pages. Hole punch them for your mini binder or old day planner binder, and you’re set! 🙂

I’m trying to be more organized, as I tend to get messy and forget where I’m at on projects. 🙂

Yearly Calendars – 2014 and 2015 calendar pages. Print double sided, throw half a page away (couldn’t find a good 2016 or 2017 calendar page, so I’ll update this next year :))
half page calendar – blank monthly calendar, 4 per sheet. Cut in half, hole punch above the week line, and you’re golden.
Weekly Calendar 1 week per page. Cut in half, hole punch in side, and then I put the Weekly Blog Planner in between each page – it makes it so you can plan your blog next to your week if you want to.
Journal 01 4 different pages per sheet. Each sheet is a set. It’s annoying when cutting, but makes a nice 4 page worksheet with a blog planner in it.
Passwords – I tend to forget passwords. A lot. I constantly have to reset them, which gets annoying, so I’m totally using the hell out of this! 😀
Project Master lists – A project master list, with the name, start date, completion date, and cost on one side of the page, then a quick view project notes and materials list. a bit redundant, and I may end up just making a tear out shopping list page for in the project journal area. If I do, this will change.. 🙂

Hooray for HUGE projects!

I had a wonderful offer from a dear friend, Vittoria. She’s amazing – She knows so much about crafting medieval and renaissance clothing that it boggles my mind sometimes..

So she offered a huge deal – to teach me how to make my own garb, patterns and all, from the skin out. By hand. If I do this, by hand, and using things like linen and silk and such for all threads and fabric, she’ll help me. Amazing, right? Also, I must blog it. 🙂

What makes it more awesome (not that much could, because WOW!!!! Learning from someone who’s a MASTER!) She also offered, if i do this project…. BEAUTIFUL fabric for the overdress… 🙂

So, there’ll be a new page up here in a minute, the Garb of Amazing Handsewingness, to help track some of my progress.

So far – List of articles I want to make, and ordering 5 yards of white linen for the underpants! 🙂

It will be SO AMAZINGLY FUN… 🙂

Winter is here in An Tir!

Yay for the winter months in An Tir!
Project time!
I finished blackwork bands for Baroness Francisca’s new chemise, and am working on’ almost matching cuffs for a shirt for Baron Johann.
Also got started making girdles to sell in Thistle Hollow, a merchant friend of mine, who is amazing. We’re hopefully going to build her a website this winter, so she can get the best silk embroidery threads for her booth.
Anyway, pictures will be coming soon, as well as an updated finished projects page and in progress page.
And as another note, I love my Aunt Nori – she’s amazing and wonderful!