Role-Playing Planner – Dungeons

*Dramatic drum roll here* And, what you’ve all been waiting for! The main point of Dungeons and Dragons tends to be the dungeon crawl! There’s maps for the whole dungeon, maps for just rooms, lists of traps. If you make your main dungeon map, then all the rooms, you can totally keep the map more hidden from your players, and they’ll have to actually explore. 🙂

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Role-Playing Game Planner – Countries, Cities, and Towns

Another in the few weeks of RPG stuff. This time I’ll be focusing on Locations. Cities, Countries, and Towns. Most sheets have at least a small space for a map, the bigger the location the bigger the space for a map. World building is my favorite part of a campaign, and I end up having waaay too many details. I find these sheets give me just the right amount of them!

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Estate Planning, or how I thought about why!

I recently got married. My husband and I are both due to inherit a small bit each, and we have no children. So we need to make a binder for our executor(s), and eachother, for when we both die. It’s to make sure that our wishes are down on paper, and the surviving partner doesn’t have to try to think through grief.

I’ve downloaded everything from Death, and while some won’t be applicable as we don’t have kids to worry about, we each want to leave our respective nieces and nephews some things.

This is on top of us needing to set up our wills, and living wills. *Le sigh* I hate to have to go to a lawyer, so….


Role-Playing Game Planner – Game Session Sheets

I’m going to be doing this one quite differently than my other posts – There’s 41 files that I’ll be posting, and about 3-10 per post. So I’ll do my best description of each file, and you can check it out for yourself to see what you can use!

This portion will be focused on things for planning specific game sessions, NPC’s, Monsters, PC notes, events, and outlines.

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