Role-Playing Game Planner Rebooted – Misc

This, the Final Installment of the RPG planning notebook. It’s got a character reference sheet, a base sheet that can be used by both DM and PC, a guild/organization sheet, and a future ideas sheet. It’s hard to write a blurb about a group of things that have little in common, so this will just have the description of the sheets. Continue reading →

Role-Playing Game Planner Rebooted – Treasure

What is D&D without the treasures you pick up? I tend toward using websites with random treasure generators for everything except what’s important, so I didn’t do a treasure generator sheet. I figure you’re all smart enough to figure out how to make your own on filler paper if you want, or make up what you want to give them each! Continue reading →

Role-Playing Game Planner Rebooted – Background Chatter

Background Chatter and NPC’s are the backbone of an adventure. They give you so many leads and places to go, and they give your world color, depth, and interest. I find that NPC’s are fun when you bring them through multiple campaigns. It kinda gives continuity for the Players, even though their PC’s may not know the NPC. And any secret, issue, and such that you don’t use in one campaign can totally be reused.

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Role-Playing Game Planner Rebooted – Countries, Cities, and Towns

This time I’ll be focusing on Locations. Cities, Countries, and Towns. Most sheets have at least a small space for a map, the bigger the location the bigger the space for a map. World building is my favorite part of a campaign, and I end up having waaay too many details. I find these sheets give me just the right amount of them!

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