Complete Rework Coming

I love the look of this blog. I think, for the most part, it’s got a good look. However, I can’t remember where I got the background from (and I should credit the maker, if I can find it again, or choose a new image), and my thumbnails look like complete garbage. I also need to re-add my favorite links – Some are new, some will be coming from my old link page. Also, I need to think about how I’ve organized the inserts I’ve posted already – Should I use the new thumbnail images there, or should I keep it a list. If I add the thumbnails, should I also start linking the file download to them and not a word below? Or should I do both?

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….

I’m now at the point in my blog where I think I might be overextending my creative capabilities… So I think I may step back and only post on Wednesdays, whether it’s a sticker sheet, an Insert, or just a little bit of interesting news…

I’ve looked over a lot of the things I’ve posted, and a TON of them were made years ago. So I’ve had weekly content for 6 months and most of it is stuff I’ve made in the last 4-5 years… Continue reading →

Replacement Banner Stickers!

I’ve figured out how I can make my Dashboard layout be more than just one week a month using the dashboard – Crafty Plans!

If I use the Errands section for the weekly ‘I want to get these done’ list, and the Focus section for ‘think about these crafts you want to do’, and the small daily box on the week side for ‘what I actually did this day’, then maybe I can get more planning done, and more crafting!

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