My Project Journal Organizer!

So, I played with publisher, and totally made my own crafty project journal with weekly calendar and blog planner pages… 🙂
It’s fun – have it printed out double sided somewhere, then have it cut in half so you have 8×5 pages. Hole punch them for your mini binder or old day planner binder, and you’re set! 🙂

I’m trying to be more organized, as I tend to get messy and forget where I’m at on projects. 🙂

Yearly Calendars – 2014 and 2015 calendar pages. Print double sided, throw half a page away (couldn’t find a good 2016 or 2017 calendar page, so I’ll update this next year :))
half page calendar – blank monthly calendar, 4 per sheet. Cut in half, hole punch above the week line, and you’re golden.
Weekly Calendar 1 week per page. Cut in half, hole punch in side, and then I put the Weekly Blog Planner in between each page – it makes it so you can plan your blog next to your week if you want to.
Journal 01 4 different pages per sheet. Each sheet is a set. It’s annoying when cutting, but makes a nice 4 page worksheet with a blog planner in it.
Passwords – I tend to forget passwords. A lot. I constantly have to reset them, which gets annoying, so I’m totally using the hell out of this! 😀
Project Master lists – A project master list, with the name, start date, completion date, and cost on one side of the page, then a quick view project notes and materials list. a bit redundant, and I may end up just making a tear out shopping list page for in the project journal area. If I do, this will change.. 🙂

Hooray for HUGE projects!

I had a wonderful offer from a dear friend, Vittoria. She’s amazing – She knows so much about crafting medieval and renaissance clothing that it boggles my mind sometimes..

So she offered a huge deal – to teach me how to make my own garb, patterns and all, from the skin out. By hand. If I do this, by hand, and using things like linen and silk and such for all threads and fabric, she’ll help me. Amazing, right? Also, I must blog it. 🙂

What makes it more awesome (not that much could, because WOW!!!! Learning from someone who’s a MASTER!) She also offered, if i do this project…. BEAUTIFUL fabric for the overdress… 🙂

So, there’ll be a new page up here in a minute, the Garb of Amazing Handsewingness, to help track some of my progress.

So far – List of articles I want to make, and ordering 5 yards of white linen for the underpants! 🙂

It will be SO AMAZINGLY FUN… 🙂