AARGHHH! Computer Difficulties are difficult!

Last Monday I decided I needed to schedule out some more of my Planner Printables – I have a few that need put up on the blog that I’ve made for a friend for Christmas. 

Instead, I had a dead computer – Which made me cry for a bit, I gotta admit.

Checked whether the batterie was in right, hit the power button a few hundred times, held it to see if that would work, unplugged the power cable from the surge protector, unplugged the cord from the box in the middle of it, plugged them back in. Cried some more.

I replaced the battery about 2 months ago, and it works amazingly well…. but I fried the power cable somehow. And since I’m on a tight budget, I had to wait until payday to replace it.

So, it’s here, and my comp works again.

So this weekend I’ll work on scheduling the new planner page posts and have some fun.


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