An Aside for 4-H Stuffs :D

Just a quick post, it’s event season for us and i’ve had an event nearly every weekend this summer! It’s been wonderful!

So, Just in case a 4-H person Needs them, I created a spreadsheet linked (ish) to a Scoresheet for herdsmanship.
If you number the clubs, you can place individual scores on the sheets 2-25 in the workbook, and they’ll add the daily scores up for you, then place them on the first sheet and add the daily scores up to total all scores to make it easier to figure out who won, with no adding errors. The Daily Herdsmanship scoresheet is based on the Lewis County, Washington Scoresheets that have been in use for over a decade.
These are freeware – and any and all edits are wonderful – if you use them and edit anything, i’d like to see it!

Herds for Lewis County

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