Fast Fashion, or, Why I’m Making My Own Clothing.

I tend to forget about this blog. I get involved in something, be it crafting, playing mobile games, or watching documentaries.

I’ve been considering fast fashion, and how I rarely buy clothes. Like, I truly dislike shopping. This is due to being plus sized and rarely finding things I like that fit, and that clothing that does fit right is way expensive. I’m very low income. My ‘splurges’ tend to be sticker books, always on sale, yarn, and fabric. Things that I’ll use. Clothing is just a way to stay modest by societal standards. But I want more. I want to look nice, rather than just covered…

However, my jeans (bought by a coworker who hates trying on things in store, and hates returning things) are wearing out. I’ve had most for over 5 years now. This is years beyond their expected ‘expiration’ date.

It’s hard to find clothing that fits me correctly. It seems like plus size designers make one thing, then just make it bigger around. I’m pretty top heavy, and bottom heavy.  When I find a shirt I like, my bust tends to make it not fit correctly no matter what arbitrary size it is. When I find jeans that fit my bottom, the waist gaps horribly. Since I cannot afford a tailor, and I stink at tailoring already made clothes to fit my frame, I’m planning on replacing worn out fast fashion with handmade things. I’m good enough to take a pattern and size it to fit me. It takes a while, as most of the easy to find pattern companies tend toward the so-called ‘normal size range’, I can take a pattern size 20 and make it work, even though it’s more like the clothing size 16ish, and I’m right around an 18.

This also means I can lean toward the Steampunk fashion I’ve been eyeballing for years. Knee breeches, tailored slacks, nice button down shirts and waistcoats. Also some of the coat bodices from historical pattern books.

I’m doing the research, finding the Victorian sewing manuals and reading them. I like handsewing. It’s nicely portable, and I don’t have to have a room dedicated to sewing in order to do it. I can always sew long seams with a machine, and do the finishing work by hand and it’ll only take a day or two to get a wearable clothing item.

It’s much simpler to buy 2-3 yards of fabric, and make exactly what I want out of it, than it is to visit 10 different stores and get nothing because the Jeans are too stretchy, the shirts too short with my bust, and the frustration of being plus size in a world that things that plus size people should just not wear clothing at all, so they don’t sell any.

Anyway, interludes will hopefully become more frequent with this.

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