Blank Year Calendar

I love the Happy Planner sizes. I especially love the Mini, which is why everything is currently done with for the Mini. Also, I find it SUPER SUPER hard to find anything sized for the Mini in a format that doesn’t waste so much space (And I really, really dislike wasting page space when I’m printing anything)

Yes, you can size pretty much any insert to fit the Mini, by shrinking it to a certain percent, and printing carefully. However, when one can get two inserts to a page comfortably, it’s galling for me to have to do that. And since I don’t own any of the inserts I’d like, I have to make my own. And since I don’t own any of the inserts I like, I have to come up with my own style, and figure it out from there.

I also was organizing all of my planner supplies, and found that all my purchased Mini planners were done in July. I thought I had til December 2020, so I didn’t purchase another. Silly me! so I created my planner for September-December 2020 and printed it today. I’m hoping it turns out how I need it to, as figuring out printing is a pain. If it works, I’ll post it here and use it as a template for creating 2021 planners throughout these next few months.

I have each element done, though, so I figure I’ll post them now while I work on the 2021 planners. 🙂

If anyone still comes here, I’d love feedback on colors. I try for neutral, because I’ve been paying attention to all the people asking for neutral…

Anyway, Here’s the Month Calendar. I hope it’s useful to you as is!

And the download link: MHP-Year-by-month

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