Classic Size Quilt Journal Pages – Part 1: Inventory Lists

A couple weeks ago, before the newest lockdown, I went to visit a friend. She had to organize and clean up the room she’s been using for her quilting projects, and I helped. We ended up finding a bunch of pretty coordinating fabric that she forgot what quilt she bought it for! We got it organized a little bit, and then sat down and watched a ‘gifts for quilters’ YouTube video.

On that video was a quilt planner – and she thought it was a good idea, but it was all bound up with a calendar, and deadlines. She doesn’t do well with deadlines and daily things, it puts too much pressure on her creativity.

So, for her Christmas gift from me, I designed a planner that will give her tools to organize, with the only dates that matter are start date, date she’d like it done by (but only if it’s a gift) and when she finished. I also added in the Inventory and Stash pages.

She is a color person – She LOVES color, especially earth tones. I decided that since this is a gift, I’ll make them the way she loves. They can be printed out greyscale, with no problems!

She is also a Knitter, so eventually I’ll be resizing all of my knitting journal pages for her, as well!

I needed to redo quite a bit from the crafty planner I already have, because while I love the Mini size for it’s portability, she prefers the Classic size since it’s got more room for all of the things!

This weeks is the Stash and Notions edition. There’s pages for your fabric stash, your inventory (threads and other notions), and your patterns!

The Image used in these files border is from PNGEGG. This is the best I can find on how to properly Attribute them – not a lot of info except that it’s free for Non-Commercial use!

Printing Instructions: Letter sized paper, Double Sided, at Actual Size, flip on long edge.

Fabric Stash

Download Here

Inventory Log

Download Here

Pattern List

Download Here

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