Classic Size Quilt Journal Pages – Part 2: Journal

This post has 2 larger files – both are for Journaling. I love to plan out my crafting projects. I rarely do, lol, but I love to do it! It only took a few modifications to the Knitting journal to make it great for quilting. Add some space for more fabric swatches, space to add patterns, and space to plan out blocks and block placement.

I also made pages – it’s just a two page spread – for finished quilts – one page for a picture of the quilt, and the back page for details and if she liked making the pattern.

So, this is now a good quilting journal, and some pages for a quilt scrapbook. These can each stand alone, so if none of the rest of the pages are helpful to you, these might be!

Printing Instructions: Letter sized paper, Double Sided, at Actual Size, flip on long edge.

The Quilt Journal:

Download it Here

Finished Quilts

Download it Here

The Image used in these files border is from PNGEGG. This is the best I can find on how to properly Attribute them – not a lot of info except that it’s free for Non-Commercial use!


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