Classic Size Quilt Journal Pages – Part 3: Odds and Ends

These pages are odds and ends I made.

The first is for Human measurements, because she sews garb, too, and it’s handy to have in a binder you’ll be taking with you places.

The second is a page for notes – I didn’t put lines or anything because she works well on blank paper, and I didn’t want to limit her to just writing on them.

The third is a project master list – so when she has a quilt decided on she can use this page as a kind of index.

The last, is dividers for all the sections! I suggest printing them on Cardstock, and Laminating at least the tabs and the punched sides – that way they’ll stand up to the constant use!

Printing Instructions: Letter sized paper, Double Sided, at Actual Size, flip on long edge.

Personal Measurements

Download Here


Download Here

Master List

Download Here


Download Here

The Image used in these files border is from PNGEGG. This is the best I can find on how to properly Attribute them – not a lot of info except that it’s free for Non-Commercial use!

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