Complete Change In Store

So, not gonna lie, I’m bad at this. Like, Really bad. I guess I’m just not a major blogger at heart, darnit. 😀

Being as this is the case, I’m planning on changing up everything about this blog, except how it looks because I still think it looks pretty.

I’m going to add *yet another* Planner blog to the internet, with freebies coming anon!

I got into planners in 2016.

I got the Classic Vertical Happy Planner first, and well, it didn’t work for what I needed. I loved the stickers, the decorating, and ease of use, but I disliked the layout and size. So I switched it up to a Bullet Journal (a quick google search will show you what it is). It totally worked for like, 2 months, but drawing out everything was a pain, and I’m not nearly as creative as so many who use them, so I found it intimidating because mine was so ugly, and I didn’t keep up on it. So, lost track of things I needed to be doing and became a bit scattered.

So, I switched to the Mini Horizontal Happy Planner. It worked better, but wasn’t quite it. As my job is rigidly scheduled for regular days, but I have random things for random days and there ended up being so much space and days where there was nothing. 

I found my Planner Peace in the Mini Dashboard Happy Planner. However, while I love how the pages are set up, I only need the dashboard page as MAMBI designed it for my payday, and even then it’s iffey. They also aren’t very neutral, so if you’re like me and like color-coding pages, you have to cover things up with labels and thicken the pages…

So, I’m playing with designing my own for 2021, and trying it out. Unless MAMBI makes the perfect dashboard for me, but since the 2021 planners are revealed in Sept-Nov, and some in the end of December, I’m not willing to wait and see without a backup plan.

I’ll be posting the finished PDF files here. Probably under a tag, rather than a separate page. I may also redesign all my craft planner things for the Mini and Classic Happy Planner.

I’ve also been typing out my grandmother and mother’s recipes, and created fillable PDF’s for all the sizes of planners…. So those will be posted first as they’re done. I only have a couple colors, but I’m thinking of keeping things pretty neutral so I don’t end up running into problems with Images. When/If I decide to go fancy, I’ll be buying royalty free images from artists on etsy, and once I’m spending money, I’ll have to open an Etsy Store to recoup some cost.

Not sure if anyone is still following my blog, lol, but maybe I’ll get lucky and someone out there will like my stuff and use it!


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