Complete Rework Coming

I love the look of this blog. I think, for the most part, it’s got a good look. However, I can’t remember where I got the background from (and I should credit the maker, if I can find it again, or choose a new image), and my thumbnails look like complete garbage. I also need to re-add my favorite links – Some are new, some will be coming from my old link page. Also, I need to think about how I’ve organized the inserts I’ve posted already – Should I use the new thumbnail images there, or should I keep it a list. If I add the thumbnails, should I also start linking the file download to them and not a word below? Or should I do both?

Currently I’m reworking my thumbnails. I had an epiphany when playing on my iPad – I bought Procreate a while ago. I love playing in Procreate. It’s intuitive, functional, and pretty. There are TONS of amazing creators online who make brushes, color palettes, and many other things. I was lamenting my ugly thumbnails when so many sites have really pretty ones, and thought *Ding Ding Ding! I bet I can make pretty ones on my iPad!!*. It only took me a year, lol.

I’m also going to add things to pinterest, once I get my pretty thumbnails done. I’ll have to go play in pinterest to see how to get them to come up in searches, but I kinda do want a bit of traffic. I want people to see these things I’m making, just in case they are useful. I’d love to actually have people comment and help me with Ideas! Especially with the current world issues, I want some more safe human contact….

Any way, since my computer time is being taken up with the reworking, I’m not likely to post any new things for a bit. 🙂



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