Crafting Planner Part 2 – Stash Edition

I try really, really hard to use the Craft Stash printables. Like, Super Super Hard, especially with my Fabric.

When you have large yardages, it’s easiest to store them in totes. However when storing in totes, if you don’t have either super clear labeling or a stash listing, you end up having to constantly dig through totes. Which means, unfortunately, that you then have to refold a lot of fabric and replace it neatly. Or, like my messy self, leave it all over and then have to clean up sometime in the future.

I love to make a stash list with swatches – then I can pet the fabric a bit, and decide by the feel and yardage if it’s suitable for my project.

It’s similar with yarn – my stash is still pretty small because I generally buy for specific projects. It’s also stored by size rather than anything else so I don’t use the Stash listing for it. But I enjoy the process of making pretty things, so I made a stash page for yarn.

I have a trim and notion stash page, as well. Things like jacquard trims, lace, and different kinds of braids from bias tape and twill tape to gimp. Always good to have a list at hand when planning projects!

Then there’s the inventory list – Pretty much a universal thing, but helpful with things like buttons, sewing thread, and the like. It can also go in a notebook and go with you, if you keep up on it you have a handy list for when buying for specific projects – Ex: You need grey sewing thread. You have 1 small spool. You’ll need either a full large spool, or to just go ahead and by one more small spool. You need grommets. You have 1000ish two part grommets. You really don’t need more. Or, you need pearl buttons. You have none. You know this without having to dig through your storage. 😀

Printing Instructions: These need to be printed on Letter sized paper, Double Sided, at Actual Size, flip on short edge.

So, Fabric Stash

MHP Fabric Stash Organizers

Yarn Stash:

MHP Yarn Stash

Notion Stash

MHP Notions and Trim Organizers

Inventory Log

MHP Inventory Log

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