Crafting Planner Part 3 and Final

My final installment (for now) is mostly a round up of things that didn’t fit well with the rest of the things!

Two are themed project planners – one for Knitting, one for Crochet. One is a Measurement page, to track either your own measurements, or if you’re like me and dress multiple people this is handy for keeping good track of measurements without the random slips of paper, unlabeled and unorganized.

I’d started using a larger version, before I moved, but I’ve stopped because I needed to make it smaller (and now I just need to print it out!) as I have much less space for a crafting area.

I hope all of these are useful to you, dear reader. I enjoyed making them, and will continue to find things to make pretty!

On to the printables! As always, the Mini printables get printed at actual size, on letter size paper, flip on short edge.

MHP Crochet Project Journal

MHP Knitting Project Journal

MHP Measuremnents

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