Crafting Planner Post 1

I’ve made a few iterations of a Crafting Planner/Project Journal. I have failed in my attempts to use them to organize my crafting. It’s a shame, and so I give you all my Pages I’ve created. This post is the first of possibly many. I’ve got more pages, more that are specifically set up for certain crafts. However, since my hard drive is too far for me to reach from my set at this moment, I’ll be putting those into the Happy Planner and half-letter sized pages another time. Since my goal is one post a week (Which I think is doable as long as I work toward always being a week or two ahead), it’s not all that important for me to get to those *today* and since my Dear Husband will be working tomorrow, I’ll have a ton of time to sit and zone out. 😀

So, the first ones are here.  They’re all Mini Happy Planner, and undecorated (hay, if you’re printing and punching your own holes, you can use some of your store of Washi Tape to make them pretty. And I know most planners have Washi Tape!). All of my Printables need to be printed on Letter sized paper, Double Sided, at Actual Size, and the Mini flip on the short edge.

Weekly Blog Post Planner

This is for planning your blog posts, and anything else you may want to do with your blog. By the week. It’s undated, and only the 2 pages, so you can test it before committing. I may have to try this again, now that I’m actually on the blog, planning posts (the last few have been done the same day, with scheduling. Wonderful thing, that). It’ll be useful, especially once school starts again and I don’t have internet access when I go most places. For some reason, schools don’t like people not students or staff at the particular location to use their internet. 😀

You can download it Here. In time, it’ll also be on the Inserts page.

Project Journal Pages

These have brainstorming space, project list space, Blog post page, and spots for reflections. They’ve never worked well for me, because I’ve never been a real journaler. If you are, and use them, please let me know in the comments what you think and if you’d like any changes. I enjoy the design process but can get kinda fixated on things that may not be truly useful!

You can download it Here. In time, it’ll also be on the Inserts page.

Blog Post Planner Pages

So, these are almost the same as the ones in the Project Journal, save for that they’ve got more space for the post itself. I’m very much a paper and pencil girl, so when I’ve got the opportunity I like to plan things out that way.

You can download it Here. In time, it’ll also be on the Inserts page.

Password Log

So, I lose passwords. I even lose them when I’ve got them saved into Google, or my iPhone, or my iPad. It stinks. So I really need to write them down. I also suck at remembering how to put my PoP3 servers into things, and since I’ve got a specific email to this site I can’t find the info to, these come in handy for me. 🙂 Someday I’ll get out to my Server Host’s house and get her to log my comp into it, but for now I’ve got things sending to my Hotmail. So, here’s the printable I should use, and don’t. You should use it, so you don’t lose everything the way I do. 😀

You can download it Here. In time, it’ll also be on the Inserts page.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments. If I like them, you’ll be the first to get the updated file!


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