Crappy news, but something okay in the middle.

So after two years of fighting an infection in her knee, my sister-in-law loses her leg tonight. It sucks how quickly that they gave up on her – it’s been the same damn thing for six months – a round of a Vancomycin, a week of being okay, a week of trying to get the doctor to listen to her about the infection coming back, another round of Vancomycin. It’s awful. And now she’s losing it. 🙁

But on an okay note, this weekend is the Glymm Mere 12th night Orphans day – we’re going to have an allthing and it should be fun – I’ll be working on the Baron’s tunic embroidery, and planning a set of blackworked (only done in pink and blue with ribbons and slash and pouf) Venetian Courtesan bloomers 🙂 I’m super excited!

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