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Sometimes, when I’m making one of these posts, something comes into my head that would work well for a lot of people. Sometimes I end up running off the rails and down the rabbit hole and make it. ๐Ÿ™‚ A lot of people use habit trackers. Well, the ‘to call’ section of the dashboard layout tends to not be used by many. And therefore, one extra insert is in this post for the Habit Tracking section! ๐Ÿ˜€ Also, when this happens, it’s usually in the middle of composing a post where it’s not all that easy to insert this fun info, so for now I’ll do it in Italics at the beginning. It may change, who knows, I haven’t been doing this for very long!

My favorite planner layout is the Dashboard layout. When I found it, I found my Planner Peace.

For me, and my work, I have a set routine. Absolutely set in stone for 3/4 of the year. So I only need to write things that are out of the ordinary. It means I don’t need to have anything more than a little space forย  that. It works out well for me to have the dashboard – the daily sections are for out of the ordinary plans, or even weekly recurring plans.

I get paid monthly, which means I only have one dash for bills to pay. I rarely make phone calls or need to, and I tend to not use the errand, and to-do list. This means most weeks I decorate the heck out of the dash area, and all the colors and lines in the official inserts are irritating to decorate around without whiting them out somehow. I’ve been using blank white sticker paper, but that adds bulk and I have to keep my planner on the Mini rings to fit into my purse properly.

I know many planners use different parts – I know one who only really uses the Bills to Pay section. I know of one who uses the errand section only. I figure, if it’s only one section you need to ditch, and it’s simple with only lines and words and no bright colors, then a bit of white out or a plain white label will work smashingly.

So for my interim planner, I made the dashboard layout with blank pages where the dash is. For me, it’s easier to create the sheet I want for bill paying, to do lists, and errands with stickers for a week than it is to cover what I don’t need the rest of the month.

I’ve also, since it’s not hard for me, made them pretty standard to the originals while I’m at it, only without all the colorful accents. I may make some with grey or black accents at the punch point, and some already have that, but I think I’ll be keeping this all black ink for the time being.

This first preview is the week side of all the pages, and the link will be to the Blank left side dashboard layout insert.

And the Link to the Blank Dashboard Layout: Here

Here’s the Standard Dashboard Layout

And the Link to the Standard Dashboard Layout is Here

Here’s the Long To-Do List version

And the link is Here

And the new, wonderful (to me) Habit Tracker Version

And the Link is Here


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