Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….

I’m now at the point in my blog where I think I might be overextending my creative capabilities… So I think I may step back and only post on Wednesdays, whether it’s a sticker sheet, an Insert, or just a little bit of interesting news…

I’ve looked over a lot of the things I’ve posted, and a TON of them were made years ago. So I’ve had weekly content for 6 months and most of it is stuff I’ve made in the last 4-5 years…

I’ll be working to make Classic sized versions of all of my inserts, and maybe… maybe even make some Big once everything is at Classic size.

Stickers, however, will be only Mini sized forever, because there are a whole bunch of classic and big stickers online, easy to find, and some amazing makers (Vintage Glam Studio is what I used a lot of when I tried the Classic sized planner) with just a little bit of googling.

I’m also thinking I may try to put some of my dressmaking sagas on here some Wednesdays – I’ve made 2 underdresses so far, and am working on an overdress to give my eyes something besides white to look at (historical skin-layer garments were always as white as possible for various reasons – one being dye was expensive). As soon as I have one overdress done, I’ll get a pic in an outfit, because the underdresses are very, very thin and it would be kind of obscene to take a pic in just one of those…. 🙂

I may even put in finished garments from the Patterns that I bought for a slightly steampunk(ish) outfit – A lovely structured vest, and pair of pants with the front styling I wanted to try out! 🙂

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