Skin Out Garb Project

So, this project is on hold for a short time while my weight stabilizes. 🙂 I’m not going to delete the planning stages though, so here they are.

So to start


Item Image and source Materials Start Date Completion Date
1. Knickers Lengberg Castle Linen, possibly silk embroidery TBD TBD
2. Bloomers Realm of Venus Linen with Silk or Linen Blackwork TBD TBD
3. Shift Simplicity Patterns Linen with Silk Embroidery TBD TBD
4. Pair of Bodies Simplicity Patterns Created with Heavy Cream cotton with woven in textured stripes. Used a Green buttonhole thread for boning channels, and heavy zip tie bones. Turquoise bias tape edging. 1-1-17 1-17-17
5. Farthingale Actually, is going to be just a canvas underskirt, tied to bodies. Heavy Canvas I have on hand TBD TBD
6Bumroll Scraps from rest of outfit TBD TBD
7. Kirtle Black or red Linen TBD TBD
8. Partlet Sheer Silk TBD TBD
9. Forepart TBD TBD
10. Hairbag Linen, silk embroidery TBD TBD
11. Hood French or English TBD Tbd
12. Overdress Melton Constable Portrait unsure as of yet, but I’m stalking fabric companies TBD Tbd

And more may be added or deleted, as we figure out what exactly I’ll need for this! 🙂

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