I’m Going To Be An Auntie Again!!!!

I just found out that my Sister-in-Law is pregnant again! YAY FOR BABIES!

I’m Excited. I love being an Auntie, and my other nieces and nephews think I’m good at it, so… 

Now, she’s never had the full new baby experience. She’s had some rough life choices, and some she wasn’t all that… responsible… about. So she doesn’t have custody of her firstborn children. She’s worked really hard to get her life on track and be a better person, and I hope this time goes better.

So on to another plan of mine.
I’m going to design and make her a baby book. She’s never had one, and I think that this will be a good way for her to celebrate her whole pregnancy, as well as her new life.
Also, there’s things that people want to remember, and I have heard that pregnancy brain does things like help you to forget things and that’s bad.

So look forward to that!


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