Meal Tracking Stickers

I like to track my meals, to hold myself  accountable. Like, I’m going to eat garbage food. I try to keep it to a minimum, but I know I’ll do it more often if I’m not tracking my intake.

I don’t diet, though. I just try to eat reasonably healthy. Dieting is so proven to not be helpful. But since I’m not an expert, that’s all I’ll say about that.


Icon Credit on the bottom of the page! I find that it’s better to make sure attribution is seen by putting it Directly in the file, but I get all my Icons from Flaticon.

It makes it easier to credit when you keep your freeware to one site or two – that way you can attribute the lovely artists that have made beautiful things for free! I respect artists. They are amazing, and do things that I cannot. So, I’ll attribute where I can, and hope that it takes you to see the rest of their lovely art!

So, Stickers!

Download Here

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