Odds and Ends

The round up for the year – Random little things I’ve designed and made because this is fun, but have no real place to put them.

There’s a simple guided journal page, A page for lists if you’re a lister, a plain notes page, and a book list if you’re a reader.

I like the idea of journaling daily. I’m not so much for it in practice, but I can see where it’d help. I’m gonna need to print these out and start building the habit, I think.

I also love making random lists. The list page gives space for 12, and if you’ve ever seen The Reset Girl‘s Listers Gotta List Challenge and loved it, then you’ve probably done some. This page was designed to work with her stuff before she had lovely kits.

I’m thinking about making a ton of filler papers, because I use A LOT of them, but this one is just a simple page, easily printed, for notes.

And the reading list – It’s super simple, a place to jot down whatever book you see you want to try, and a place to check off when you’ve either purchased or read it, and a rating space for if you liked it.


Daily Guided Journal

Download Here

List page

Download Here

Notes page

Download Here

Reading List

Download Here

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