Role-Playing Game Planner Rebooted – Dungeons

*Dramatic drum roll here* And, what you’ve all been waiting for! The main point of Dungeons and Dragons tends to be the dungeon crawl! There’s maps for the whole dungeon, maps for just rooms, lists of traps. If you make your main dungeon map, then all the rooms, you can totally keep the map more hidden from your players, and they’ll have to actually explore. 🙂

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Holiday Planner!

I broke down and bought the Happy Planner’s holiday planner. It’s nice, but I thought I’d rather have one set up more the way I want, and I have sections I’d like that MAMBI didn’t do for that year’s planner. I’d gotten the one with the Keepsake micro mini, and I don’t need cookie exchange stuff, or memory keeping stuff because I don’t do those. But I needed an actual party planner, and a gift planner, with a sheet for gifts I actually got for people.

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Role-Playing Game Planner Rebooted – Basic Campaign Info

So, I need to redo the posts for my RPG planner, with decent thumbnails this time.

Currently, it’s sized for the Mini Happy Planner notebook system, but hopefully within the next year I’ll have them all sized up for the Classic. I won’t be doing the big, however, because there are SO MANY different RPG planners available for 8 1/2″x11″ notebooks that I feel it’s unnecessary.

The first post will be Campaign Basics.

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So, ghosting explanations!

I did not mean to Ghost on my blog this time around, however, my computer situation is a bit of a disaster right now. I have 3 laptops, and none work right.

I’m still alive, still trying to make things. However, I only have access to one comp that works correctly, and it’s 15 miles from my house. I’ll be trying to do the site work I have almost ready, but it will take time.

I also switched to a classic happy planned dashboard layout and oh, my, I love it hard. So while I’ll still be making things for the mini, I’ll also be making for the classic. Which means more stickers, I hope. Or at least, stickers of each size category for each different set.

I’m also having a tough time learning how to get the cameo to do what I need, because without a computer to use I can’t get kiss cutting to work – the app is fun, but not as comprehensive as a computer would be.

Next month I’m going to try to grab a computer, but it’ll be a bit difficult with my current budget constraints.

So, I’m still alive, still interested. Just unable for now.