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I need help, lol. I need help to make sure I plan out things, and make sure I get things posted. I make things pretty much weekly, and I really enjoy doing it. Some things I make for me, some for friends.

I really need to make sure to plan, and to make sure I actually post the things I make, so that even when I don’t use them, maybe someday someone will. So far this blog is an exercise in writing things for me, and making sure that I have access to these no matter where I am. Maybe someday I’ll aggressively promote this, but for now, I’ll just hope it grows a tiny bit organically. I’m working on monthly and weekly sticker batches for the new year, but those are at least a few weeks in the future. Continue reading →

A Late Christmas Present for you!

I made these about a week ago, but just after I finished and saved it, my laptop crashed. -_- It is upsetting when it does that, so I don’t usually turn it back on for a day so I don’t lose my temper and do something… Imprudent. This was meant to go out on Christmas Eve, but hay, it’s usable for next year, and maybe 2021 will be better!

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Classic Size Quilt Journal Pages – Part 2: Journal

This post has 2 larger files – both are for Journaling. I love to plan out my crafting projects. I rarely do, lol, but I love to do it! It only took a few modifications to the Knitting journal to make it great for quilting. Add some space for more fabric swatches, space to add patterns, and space to plan out blocks and block placement.

I also made pages – it’s just a two page spread – for finished quilts – one page for a picture of the quilt, and the back page for details and if she liked making the pattern.

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