Plan Dot Stickers!

I like to schedule times to work on my planner for the next week. It helps me to keep things organized, and helps me remember what I have to do in the following week so I’m not overscheduling myself.

So I use these plan dots. I usually sit down Saturday or Sunday to plan, and I just pop the sticker on the day I’ll most likely have the time to do so.

I made a ton of colors, because there’s nothing worse for me than to not have something that coordinates well with what I’ve already done with stickers. First World Problems, I know, but I prefer to not have jarring color combinations in my Planner! Since I also love downloading tons of fonts, so Each row has a different font. I’ve printed them, and Plan shows up reasonably well on all of the printouts on an HP Inkjet printer. Hopefully it’ll work for you, as well!

I use a 5/8″ circle punch for these, and I tend to punch around the edges, cut off the extra, then do it again until they’re all punched.

These are just 9 of the dots. There are a bunch more colors, I assure you, but I like to keep my thumbnails simple. Especially since I’m still using paint for them.

And the Download is Here

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