Works Completed


Project Blackworked Snood
Pattern or Source Made my own, Each square is 1 inch
Materiels Used Leftovers from a very nice cream cotton sheet that matches the first Kirtle i made, DMC 310 Cotton Floss, and some Gold metallic beads for each crossing.
Date Started Unknown
Date Finished July 2012
Problems I pleated it wrong the first time, with all the pleats on one side. had to take it apart and fix it and it sat on my sewing desk for about a month.
Modifications Apart from pleating instead of original idea of gathering, and changing the pleating, not many 🙂


Project Middle Tudor Court GownPurple Dress
Pattern or Source Simplicity pattern 2589 for the sleeves and stomacher, my own for the bodice and skirt.
Materiels Used A very synthetic (which is why it’ll be a court gown instead of a camping event gown. I don’t want it to melt) taffeta that I got 15 yards of from the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. A pretty lilac color. The forepart and Undersleeves were made with a floral brocade I found at the thrift store, and I used some old jaquard trim I’ve had for years to border the stomacher (after this picture was taken)
Date Started Feb 2010
Date Finished December 2012
Status Beautiful!
Problems I had to use a different pattern than the Simplicity for the bodice. The original pattern was totally jacked up in construction, so i used a pattern i took off of a very lovely bodice i borrowed from an old friend, and used just the sleeves, undersleeves, and forepart patterns from the simplicity pattern, and just used the front from the Simplicity pattern for the stomacher.
Modifications Instead of making it lace up the back, I made the back all one piece and set up the front so it has a lacing panel under a pin-on stomacher. As I generally get dressed without help, it’s darned near impossible to do with back lacing gowns. Pictures will be taken shortly to show what I mean. The Stomacher worked well, but I had to sew on hooks and eyes it so it won’t fall off – the pins fell off about 6 times during yule feast! Hooks and eyes worked beautifully for the stomacher, but for most of the rest of my dresses I’ll have to just deal with back lacing i think. Maybe side lacing on one side but with the sleeves I don’t think it’ll work.


Project Middle Tudor Gown For Urslemas
Pattern or Source Simplicity pattern 2589 for the sleeves and stomacher, my own for the bodice and skirt. I altered my original pattern back, to a v. Worked pretty well for helping to keep the shoulders up.
Materiels Used Brown Suiting, Brown linen for lining. Light brown for the Skirt, and a Synthetic creamy brown silk for the undersleeves and Forepart.
Date Started October 2012
Date Finished December 2012
Status Comfortable 😀
Problems The Skirt is two layers of a very silky material, and it didn’t cartridge pleat well at all, so i had to alter the pleats to a double box pleats, which worked amazingly well. I also had to hem it 3 times to get the correct length.
Modifications Other than doing double box pleats instead of single box pleats to the back then cartridge pleats across the middle back, and having to hem it a lot, it worked out well. I like the way the double box pleats hang… it works beautifully.


Project Pair of Bodies
Pattern or Source
Materiels Used Heavy Cotton in cream with Woven in Textured Stripes, heavy buttonhole thread in green, bias tape in turquoise. 1/4″ Zip ties and 1/2″ zip ties.
Date Started 1-1-17
Date Finished 1-17-17
Problems I’ve had trouble with the Corset pattern before, in the wearing. I added built in tabs. Trying to put bias tape around slits in fabric is a pain in the neck!
Modifications Added built on tabs, did bias tape to seal edges.

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