Illumination Projects!

Me and my friend Rosamond of Rosamond Winder’s Ooooooh!! Shiny Moments  and I are working on a few amazing projects!


1. Book of Hours – based on the Hastings Hours

We’re going to do this, hand illumined, hand calligraphed, and hand bound. Cos we’re insane. It’s based on the Hastings Hours. Not started yet, but will be!

2. La Morte D’Artur

Another hand illumined, hand calligraphed, hand bound book. Based on Manuscript of Christianus Prolianus’s ‘Astronomia’ from the John Rylands University Library Image Collections

3. Book of Hours of Charles the Black

Based on the Black book of hours at the Morgan-Pierpont Museum.

4. An Herbal.

For our friend Fionnghuala

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