Recipe Planner Printables!

So, me and my mother have been wanting to take my grandmother’s recipes, type them up, print them and either put them in binders, make books, or just give access to the files online to the family members who want copies… And until Google Drive came along, it was a bit difficult to organize correctly. So, I started to type. A lot. And I have 17 binders to go through and type out….. It’s going to be a long process.

But then, MAMBI came out with a Recipe Planner. I missed the first one, I wasn’t using the system then. But then, a new one came out! It’s wonderful, the tabs, the covers…. But the pages, at least for the Mini, don’t really have enough room for some of my more complicated recipes…. So I bought a set on Etsy that I liked, but, well, you have to copy and paste line by line and that’s super tedious… So I made my own! Then, of course, because everyone in my family wants different sizes – Mom wants 8.5×11, Dear Auntie wants Classic Planner Size, and I really prefer the Mini size for everything!

The inserts are all fillable forms. You copy and paste the Ingredients to one or two columns, and all the instructions to the proper spot. The page is set up to automatically size the font to fit, so if the recipe is super long you may use two sheets, however, I’ve copied my longest recipe into the Mini and it’s perfectly legible for me.

So, Here are my previews! Please, be gentle about them… I’m only really familiar with Paint and Gimp, and taking good screenshots of PDF files is a bit.. strange. If you have any tips, please, leave them in the comments!

All of my Printables need to be printed on Letter sized paper, Double Sided, at Actual Size. The Big and Classic sizes flip on long edge, and the Mini flip on short edge.

Here’s the Big Happy Planner Insert:

And you can download either HERE or from the Planner Inserts Tab

Here’s the Classic Happy Planner Insert:

Which can Download Here.

And Here’s the Mini Happy Planner Insert:

Which can Download Here.

Hope Y’all Enjoy!

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