Replacement Banner Stickers!

I’ve figured out how I can make my Dashboard layout be more than just one week a month using the dashboard – Crafty Plans!

If I use the Errands section for the weekly ‘I want to get these done’ list, and the Focus section for ‘think about these crafts you want to do’, and the small daily box on the week side for ‘what I actually did this day’, then maybe I can get more planning done, and more crafting!

I have a whole ton of things I want to have done by the summer – some is Just in case things go back to some kind of normal.

I made the decision last spring that I want to handsew a nice weekend wardrobe 14th century style for SCA. I love the 16th century I was going for before, but our summers are getting warmer every year and those are usually at least 3 layers, up to 6 if I’m going elaborate. And most of those layers are supposed to be wool. Not good for this PNW girl and her desire to not get heat stroke. It’s also not good on one’s pocketbook – as wool is upwards of $20/yard and for each outer layer I need at least 8 yards…. and while I do find good quality wool at the thrift store, rarely do I find 8 yards at a time.

So, the plan is to handsew 3 underdresses out of white linen (or cotton, because that’s easier to find at a decent cost), and at least 3, but perhaps more, overdresses. Those can be linen, silk, wool, or cotton. I’ve got enough wool to make at least three, since for these dresses I only need about 5 yards and that’s quite a bit more reasonable. I find that yardage regularly at the thrift store. Silk, for some reason, is cheaper locally, about $10/yard so 5 yards for an overdress is pretty easy to justify.

I can also add pretty sideless surcotes to the mix, and have about 9-12 wardrobe options with only 3-4 dresses and 3-4 surcotes, depending on how smart I am with color choices.

This long winded is to say, I need to make good plans. I can do about one dress in a week and a half (except hem. Trying to find someone to help with my hem measuring is a bit difficult since I’m being cautious), so I should be able to get at least 1 more (I have 2) underdresses done, and three starter overdresses by summer, barring unforseen cirucmstances. Then I can start figuring out sideless surcotes, and how I want to make them. 🙂

So, Stickers. I tried to do standard ROYGBIV, with a pastel version and a few colors that’ll coordinate with the other interesting colors. 🙂

The Weekly Craft one on this sheet will be covering the Errands Section Label.

The Daily Crafting sticker will cover the label on the opposite sheet where they’ve had menu planning at times, and just simple daily letters now.

and Crafting wishes is for the weekly Focus section – for brainstorms for future projects! 😀

To print, just either print on paper and glue it, or print on sticker paper. I don’t have cutter files yet, but I try to make it easy to just cut with a paper chopper thing.

Download Here

Happy Crafting!

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