Role-Playing Game Planner – Game Session Sheets

I’m going to be doing this one quite differently than my other posts – There’s 41 files that I’ll be posting, and about 3-10 per post. So I’ll do my best description of each file, and you can check it out for yourself to see what you can use!

This portion will be focused on things for planning specific game sessions, NPC’s, Monsters, PC notes, events, and outlines.

The Key Campaign Events worksheet is a single page worksheet to sort of map out what events you want to have happen in the game, what CR it is, which NPC’s and Creatures are involved, what actions trigger the event, what the objective and rewards are. This works well to have for game groups that never quite go where you think they will, in that you can change up the trigger action on the fly if you need, or you can come up with a ton, and use them as the PC’s encounter the triggers!  MHP Key Campaign Events

Here’s a sheet for encounters that are either triggered by an event, or by a specific location. It gives you quite a bit of stuff to detail. These encounters could be a lot of different things, challenges, or a simple white hart running by. MHP encounter

The Episode worksheet was something I came up with for a game I wanted to run, that was kinda like Warehouse 13 or The Librarians. The plan was for each game session to be a find the relic type run. It’s got everything needed to plan out a session – NPC’s used, History, Hook, Continuing plot points, what worked, what didn’t. MHP Episode Worksheet

This sheet is for NPC’s that are recurring, and a big part of the story. This could be the bartender your PC’s enjoy talking to, the major villains, a companion that attaches themself to your party. It’s a detailed 3.5/Pathfinder sheet to fill out. MHP Major NPC

The session history log is basically to take note of what’s happened in each game session – NPC’s encountered, Challenges faced, XP earned. I’m bad at remembering this stuff, so this is super helpful.  MHP Session History

This Timeline sheet is just a simple timeline of events you want to happen, or you could use it in conjunction with your key campaign events file to keep track of when you completed the event. Or a timeline for the world you’re building. 🙂 MHP Timeline

I like to have a list of secrets for characters to learn. Some that certain characters may know depending on their background. This is a good sheet to keep track of what secrets you want in your campaign, and when characters learned them. MHP Secrets

This sheet is to kinda track background events you want in a city in your game – Like, say, a fire. describe where in the city it happens, how the government and law enforcement react, the impact, aftermath, and Adventure hooks involved.  MHP Urban Event Template

Issues and leads – just a list. It can also have rumors involved, and there’s space to say whether it’s true or not. MHP Issues and Leads

This is just a tracker for Minor NPC’s – Ones that may show up in a lot of background stuff, or one-offs that your characters fight and defeat/kill, and maybe never see again. Or it could be that guy who sits at the end of the bar the PC’s love to go to, who occasionally spouts sage-sounding advice but never really gets to know them well. MHP Minor NPC

Exactly what it says – a quick reference so you know if you’re trying to set an impossible task for your PC’s. MHP PC Reference Sheet

This is for your players to give you feedback. It’s hard to be anonymous in small groups, so you have to have a thick skin to do this well. MHP DM Review

This has a basic planning page for your campaign, as well as space to track sessions, and some basic world history. MHP Campaign Overviews

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