Role-Playing Game Planner Rebooted – Countries, Cities, and Towns

This time I’ll be focusing on Locations. Cities, Countries, and Towns. Most sheets have at least a small space for a map, the bigger the location the bigger the space for a map. World building is my favorite part of a campaign, and I end up having waaay too many details. I find these sheets give me just the right amount of them!

This is a very basic country sheet – a map, and the basics of government, allies, and enemies. I may come back later and make a bigger more detailed worksheet for a country. Not sure, yet.

MHP Country Details

This worksheet is for major cities, not necessarily big ones, but ones that are important to your campaign. It has one page for info, and the backside is a dot grid for a map.

MHP Major City

This is more of a list of places your PC’s have stopped in or passed through than a worksheet. It’s a good way of keeping track of random cities, villages, and thorps that your players may just decide to make one of their main places to be, to then come up with all the things for a major city sheet.

MHP Other Cities

The Minor Town worksheet is a map space, with a more basic worksheet for towns that are more than pass-throughs, less than major parts of the game.

MHP Minor Town

Think the Rock of Gibralter, the Grand Canyon, or Ayers Rock. There’s so many myths focused around those real-world geographic features. Does your world have any? There’s a worksheet for that!

MHP Geographic Feature

Do you have a shop, tavern, or house you put in every campaign? This is a good way to keep track of them!

MHP Locations To Use


A Simple worksheet for Taverns and Inns is here,

MHP Taverns and Inns,

and a similar one for Shops:

MHP Shops

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