Role-Playing Game Planner Rebooted – Dungeons

*Dramatic drum roll here* And, what you’ve all been waiting for! The main point of Dungeons and Dragons tends to be the dungeon crawl! There’s maps for the whole dungeon, maps for just rooms, lists of traps. If you make your main dungeon map, then all the rooms, you can totally keep the map more hidden from your players, and they’ll have to actually explore. 🙂

A brainstorming sheet to start thinking about how to plan your dungeon:

MHP Dungeon Ideas

The dungeon overview is a sheet with a space for a map, and the basic details of the dungeon as a whole for the other side.

MHP Dungeon Overview

Obviously, this is for a list of traps suitable for any dungeon you may make!

MHP Traps for Any Dungeon

This sheet is for your major dungeons. It could be used as a multiple level dungeon setup, or as just a giant dungeon. With this, you definitely need to use the dungeon room sheets for more details.

MHP Major Dungeon

Minor dungeons can be one-room caverns, or small cavern complexes. Or just a dungeon that’s the entrance to a whole underground world that you really don’t want your pc’s to go to yet!

MHP Minor Dungeon

This gives you a detailed view of a room in a dungeon.

MHP Dungeon Room

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