Role-Playing Game Planner Rebooted – Misc

This, the Final Installment of the RPG planning notebook. It’s got a character reference sheet, a base sheet that can be used by both DM and PC, a guild/organization sheet, and a future ideas sheet. It’s hard to write a blurb about a group of things that have little in common, so this will just have the description of the sheets.

This sheet is exactly what it looks like from the title. It gives a decent rundown of basics about a contact, whether they’re trade or not, where they go, what organizations they may belong to, if they’re a villain, and what type of connection they are.

MHP Contact Quick Reference

For guilds and such. 4 pages, with alignment, rumors, NPC lists, membership requirements!

MHP Organization

A sheet for the PC’s base! Tons of details here, and set up similar to the Organization Sheet.

MHP Base

A space to jot down ideas that may spawn anywhere. Has space for a NPC’s, Hooks and triggers, Locations…

MHP Future Ideas

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  1. Luna says:

    Originally I found your site while searching for tablet weaving patterns, but I’m sticking around for the ttrpg goodness! Thanks for all your awesome content 🙂

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