Role-Playing Game Planner Rebooted – Travel

This installment has almost everything travel related for you to plan out! I love having a good bit of detail for any major trade routes and travel routes all planned out, so that there’s nice already there routes if your characters wish to use them, or if you have them guarding caravans!

The trade route sheets both have a ton of details, Including a place to draw out a map.

MHP Trade Route Information

The hazards is just that – random hazards you may find along a road.

MHP Hazards

Overland Travel routes aren’t necessarily trade routes – Some may be simple roads, some may be game trails. This will give you a good place to record those!

MHP Overland Travel Routes

And it’s always good to have a map and details if your characters end up sailing somewhere!!! I’m sure this will work for Airships, as well, with some minor modifications.


MHP Ship


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