Role-Playing Planner – Misc

This, the Final Installment of the RPG planning pages, is HUGE. There’s a ton of random, I wasn’t sure what category it should go in kind of sheets here that a basic blurb is almost impossible.

MHP Contact Quick Reference – This sheet is exactly what it looks like from the title. It gives a decent rundown of basics about a contact, whether they’re trade or not, where they go, what organizations they may belong to, if they’re a villain, and what type of connection they are.

MHP Background Chatter – This sheet is minor rumors and events that the characters may want to follow up on. It’s a good way to add some color and detail and wild goose chases to your campaign if you’d like.

MHP Campaign Climax – This set (two sheets with tons of notes) has your campaign climax Synopsis, Foreshadowing, Trigger, Creatures and/or Villains involved, Treasures to be gained, Experience, and Level it should happen (I know my group always ends up here early and barely survive).

MHP Base – A sheet for the PC’s base! Tons of details here, and set up similar to the Organization Sheet.

MHP Organization – For guilds and such. 4 pages, with alignment, rumors, NPC lists, membership requirements!

MHP Future Ideas – A space to jot down ideas that may spawn anywhere. Has space for a NPC’s, Hooks and triggers, Locations…

MHP Riddles and Puzzles – A simple sheet for Riddles and puzzles – Room to write the base idea, room for the solution(s).


Happy gaming all!

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