Simplicity, McCalls, and Burda costume patterns and are they period? Or at least Close? Part 2 – Butterick

So I’m not as wordy about these, but they’re not patterns that really inspire words – Butterick’s ‘Historical’ patterns leave MUCH to be desired, In my opinion.


Butterick 5440

Decent and would work for Renaissance faires. Not so much for SCA. Less ornate, maybe take off the tabs and change up the sleeves and it might work for tudor. The ruff and cuff patterns might work, but really, not so much. Not even the headdress, unfortunately.


Butterick 5733

All of these little pretties would work. The armbands and glove thingy would have to be made better for armor, but for looks, it’s all pretty nice. Just steer clear of the fringes… 😀


Butterick 6196

Make a different chemise, and this would work for a commoners outfit.

Butterick 5371

All would work for pretty little accessories 😀 I love accessory patterns!



Butterick 5008

The top two views would work beautifully for a woman’s chemise as well as a mans shirt – make it longer for the chemise, and maybe add some blackwork around the collar and cuffs for both men and women to make it more beautiful 🙂


Butterick 4827

Absolutely lovely – nice for early period. The seamlines aren’t correct but it’d look period from ten feet away, so who cares?


Buttterick 4669

The top right one isn’t even close, but the rest, if you get rid of the little beard at the bottom, would work nicely for bodices. The one on the bottom right has a bit too much lacing, but if you like it, you like it. Try spiral or ladder lacing rather than crisscross. It’ll look better and it’s soo much easier to deal with 😀



Butterick 4574

Take the hideous collar off the undershirt and avoid the hat, and this isn’t a bad mens outfit. Not great, but none of the menswear from these pattern companies are very good..

Butterick 4486

The first view would work if you didn’t lace up the front, you tie it. The others, not so much.


Butterick 4377

Cloak is nice. Not sure about the dress – it’s pretty, and it might work.

Butterick 4254

The top view corsets would work for tudor and elizabethan. More for the elizabethan, though. The bottom two are victorian and totally not period.


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