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I need help, lol. I need help to make sure I plan out things, and make sure I get things posted. I make things pretty much weekly, and I really enjoy doing it. Some things I make for me, some for friends.

I really need to make sure to plan, and to make sure I actually post the things I make, so that even when I don’t use them, maybe someday someone will. So far this blog is an exercise in writing things for me, and making sure that I have access to these no matter where I am. Maybe someday I’ll aggressively promote this, but for now, I’ll just hope it grows a tiny bit organically. I’m working on monthly and weekly sticker batches for the new year, but those are at least a few weeks in the future.

Something on that note that I’ve noticed, is that most people who make those stickers make them pretty formatted – there’s a certain number of decorative boxes, specific words, specific icons, and a few functional boxes for a specific planner style and size, and usually only that style and size.

So I’m going to make stickers for the Dashboard layout. For now, they’ll only be for the Mini layout, but when I have some spare funds I’ll get a Classic Dashboard (maybe an out of date one, since all I need is the measurements from it, and I can always repurpose the dividers).

This is all to say, I need a tracker/weekly planner for this space. I’ve taken ideas from across the web, and made a lot of my own, so that I can make my own for a Mini planner. This will likely stay Mini, as there’s plenty of beautiful things out there (and especially directly from MAMBI) for the Classic, and I currently have no interest in making anything for the Big planner.

The Image used for the Punch area is from AnnaliseArt on Pixabay. I LOVE her art. She makes all of the pretty things. You should go check her out, because PRETTY!

So, First is the Monthly Dashboard – It’s got space for daily blog posts (even though I’m planning on sticking with Wednesdays for inserts, and Fridays for Stickers) on the front, and on the back is a Statistic log for a few social media sites, and a list of things to do with each blog post)

and you can download that Here.

The next is the Weekly tracker. It’s got space to note posts, some stats, and there’s housekeeping on the back. There’s only 3, because that fit best on the page, and because I really only use this blog, Instagram, and I’m thinking of branching out onto Pinterest. If you use more, I’d go with either multiple pages, or I’d use the official one.

and the Link to download that is Here.

I also made an Inspiration page – for random bits of social media inspiration you may think of.

Download Here.

The final, is a redoing of my Blog Post Planner. I’ve added a bit to the checklist, but for the most part it just has a pretty in where you punch your pages!

And the Link to download is Here.

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