Sticker!! Chore Checklist

I saw a sticker I liked, in the Happy Planner household stickerbook. However, it was for daily chores and eff the daily chores routine, I don’t have kids and rarely do things need done daily. So, in order to list out the things I actually do weekly, and as a reminder to really do them, I created this sticker.

I really want to try and make more stickers designed specifically for the Mini Dashboard Layout, and Mini Monthly Layout – So many of the MAMBI official ones are for Horizontal or Vertical layouts, and while I love them and use them, sometimes it would be nice to have ones designed for my favorite planner layouts!

It fits perfectly into the Errand box¬† in my Mini Happy Planner, and is just a simple box sticker. I’ll probably update this when I get them printed and start using them, but for now, here they are! I hope you find some use out of them!

There are two pages – one with colorful ones, one black and white. The color page, I did some standard ROYGBV, this Magenta I love, and then I tried to get close to some of the colors used in official stickerbooks so you can match mostly everything. If you have colors you’d like to see anything in, comment with the RGB Values and I can easily make them!

I try really hard to make economical pages – you should be able to use a straight line paper cutter and just go slightly between the lines of each and go from there!

Print at actual size on Label Paper!

Download Here


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