Tablet Weaving is FUN :D

I finally learned to tablet weave last night –  nice simple design. I’ve found a number of them, but my favorite is the ones by Eqos on Deviant art… Here they are, because it’s hard to find them all in her gallery. Now, i’d totally suggest going here and going through her galleries cos she’s got tons of goodies 😀


  1. Keegan says:

    So, I hate tablet weaving 😀
    I can’t ever set it up so that the patterns come out correctly, no matter what i do or how i try.
    I can weave like a MOFO, though, so i have a friend set it up for me i can get bands whipped out in no time flat 😀

    • Keegan says:

      Sorry, i’ve had a *Lot* of life happen since i last logged on. I’ve tried both, and another two besides. I’ve gotten more into the Inkle weaving and I’ve been long-term loaned a 4 shaft table loom that i need to learn. I may revisit Tablet Weaving in the future, but it made me cry, because nothing worked, so I’m hesitant to try it again.

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