Wardrobe Planner Extras

I made a couple other sheets for planning out my wardrobe, and one for tracking what one has worn in a capsule setup.

I figure that if you’re here, you’re a planner, and more inserts to help keep organized are totally something you’d want to have!

One of the inserts is just a look planner – ways of drawing out an outfit, and helping to visualize how things will go together. You can use this with your current closet to kinda work on planning what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of.

The second insert is mostly for crafty people – it’s a project planner for sewing your own clothing. I love the book The Modern Maker Volume 3: Hand Sewing Stitches for Garment Construction by Mathew Gnagy (Link is to the digital download, but if you want a printed book, it’s on Amazon). It’s a book with all kinds of stitches and tips for how to hand sew your own clothes. Honestly, anyone with a little time can learn to hand sew – and it’s reasonably inexpensive – all you need to start is a bedsheet, a needle, some thread, a thimble, and scissors. There are patterns by all kinds of different companies – mass production and on etsy – that are designed to teach garment construction… I’ll get off that train now, as you’ll do as you wish and that’s totally all right. 😀

The third, is the capsule wardrobe outfit tracker. It’s made so you have a view of a month of clothing wearing at your fingertips and can choose to replace/retire an article that you didn’t wear all month. You write in the item of clothing, then put a check mark in the box on the date you wear the item. It is just a landscape 8.5″x11″ full page printable. It really doesn’t fit anywhere but here, though. Just be aware when printing!

The Look Planner

And the PDF is Here

The Project Planner

The PDF is here

And the Tracker

and the PDF is Here

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