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I’m a terrible clothes hoarder. Like, I have clothes from when I was 21, that I barely fit in, that I keep because I always think I’ll wear it again. And when I was 21 I was in my Graveyard/Trash Goth phase, which is totally not my current aesthetic wish. (I had many phases of goth, then I just stopped caring as long as I was covered). I want to get back into having a Style, and start caring about how I dress.

However, I know myself. If I don’t have a sturdy plan, and ideas set in stone, then I’ll just go out and replace with more fast fashion that’s only purpose is to fit and cover myself.

As a CDL driver, I’m not allowed to wear skirts at work unless it’s for religious reasons, and I’m not of a religion that demands I wear skirts so… it’ll all have to be set up around pants.

So, I made a couple of inserts to plan out the essentials of the style I want to go to. One is a brainstorming for the basics of a wardrobe – nothing specific to capsule wardrobes, but just an idea of how you want your style to be, what colors, and such.

Then I made the Capsule planner – it repeats a little bit of what’s in the first, but it’s geared toward reducing your wardrobe to a very limited selection that all coordinates. I haven’t had the motivation do use these yet, because COVID has kinda sapped my motivation do do anything but play games on my phone, and as most of my clothes are still good, It’s not imperative right this minute.

The Wardrobe planner:

And the file is here

The Capsule Planner

and the file is Here

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