Years and Years of life happens

So many things have happened in the last 3 years.
Friends lost through a nasty divorce and the choices made during (so the huge Hand sewing project is scrapped for the moment), a CDL training School, 8 months of truck driving and a 40 lb weight gain, coming home and finding another new job, driving school bus, that I love because kids are entertaining.

Big learning happened – I’ve FINALLY (after 20+ years) learned how to knit and am liking it much more than crochet, so lots of projects there. I’ve learned more about me so I’m having lots of fun with that.

Things have settled and I’ve remembered that I like blogging, so I’m hoping to continue now and maybe not forget and get too busy for another 2 years.

Next project: Making Garb that actually fits and will fit through the weight loss I’m slowly experiencing.

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